Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wine Cork Letters

My latest craft project was Wine Cork Letters. I got the idea from Etsy. With all the extra corks I had from the Black Board project, I though I would make something personal to put over the bar. The Wine Cork letters are another very easy project. Each of the letters, after they were cut, only took me about a hour and a half to put together. The final product looks like this...

I choose the "C" and the "J" because they are my husbands and my first initials. The first step in the project is to find print out letters to trace onto a wood board. First, I tried to take letters from word and just in-large them so it would be the size of a sheet paper, but that didn't work. What did work was to search pictures of letters from Google. Then save the letters that you like, and crop the picture so that it is just the letter. That way I could make the picture of the letter the size of the paper. From there I traced the letters onto a piece of scrap wood that my husband and laying around at work.  He was nice enough to take them into work, and cut the letters out for me. After cutting the letters it was time to get to work.
 I stated on the "C" first since that is my letter. I wanted the letters to look a little more artistry the just corks lined up. First I took all the corks that we used as "test" corks for the last project and started to glue them down. They were all cut in odd shapes because we were still trying to figure out the best way to cut the corks in half. I also took the corks that had fun saying or cute pictures on them and cut them into smaller pieces just to say the saying or picture. I wanted to make sure I had different sizes and shapes to give the letters texture.
To glue the corks down I used wood glue that drys clear so if there was a little extra you wouldn't be able to tell. I put the bigger pieces of cork down first and filled in the space with smaller corks. It just took a good eye trying to fit the cork into the right spot. When I cut the cork I tried to cut it into odd shapes. This is to give both letter texture when they are up on the wall. I didn't want the letter to look flat, like on some of the Etsy letters that are for sale.  
There you have it. A quick easy project to use some of your wine corks and to make your house just a little more personalty. Have fun crafting, and again if you have any questions just let me know.

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